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Unable to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

The average woman gains twenty five to thirty five pounds during her pregnancy which is often the fastest and largest wait gain of their lives. The ensuing childbirth may produce a weight loss of up to fourteen pounds leaving the new mother with considerable weight to lose once they leave hospital. However some women will assume this "baby fat" will never go away and that they are unable to lose weight.
It is probably safest for both the mother and child for the mother to wait at least twelve weeks starting on a weight loss program.
Mothers wishing to lose weight after child birth should be realistic about time it will take to lose the weight gained. It took nine months to put that weight on so allow a reasonable amount of time to lose it. Breast feeding will reduce the amount of time it takes to lose weight, due to the hormones released during breastfeeding. In the breastfeeding period it is important to keep your calorie intake up to 2000per day to ensure your health and that of your child.
Eat healthy fresh food with plenty of fruit and vegetables (organic if possible). Food as fresh as is possible will not only taste better but will have a higher amount of vitamins and minerals than frozen food, or food that has been heavily processed, pre-cooked or has additives to make it last longer.Always eat a wide selection of fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.
Do not skip meals, just consume the right foods and you will feel great by doing it. If you restrict your calorie intake to a ridiculously low level your body will think that you are starving.
The human body has a set response to a situation where it is drastically short of food, this response is to slow down your metabolism and store its energy for survival. You need to feed your body on a regular basis.
Furthermore most people exist in mildly dehydrated condition for the majority of their lives. Want to know if you are mildly dehydrated? check the colour of your urine. If it is not clear like water itself then you are suffering a degree of dehydration.
If you are busy mum the chances are you will be neglecting your intake of water. I cannot put enough stress on the importance of drinking plenty of water (Human beings are 90% water) throughout your day. It is not sufficient to drink only when you are thirsty the best idea is to consume a minimum of two litres of water over any twenty four hour period.
The best way to lose weight in the long term and most importantly to keep the weight off is to enjoy the diet itself. Now I know that sounds odd. How can you enjoy dieting? Well how about a revolutionary diet system and eating programme that will make you lose weight without restricting your diet to low fat or low carb' foods. The "Diet Generator" that comes with this system will allow you to enter your own choice of your favourite foods from which it can create 40,000 different diet plans. you will never be bored with your diet again. You choose the foods that you want to eat, just plug in the system and the diet will be created for you. You can create as many completely unique diets as you want.
You will never have a day of boring dull diet food again.

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