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5 Causes Why You Are Unable to Lose Weight

Have you ever wondered why you cannot lose weight any further, why the weight needle remains stuck in one point only? If you have tried out every possible way to shed weight and lost the patience of waiting to see the desired result, you must recheck your fitness routine once again. It might be possible that you are not paying attention to some minute details, which might help you get rid of those extra pounds. If you want to know about such details, you can have a look at this article.

Lack of Sleep

If you are not getting the adequate amount of sleep, chances are high that your weight woes will rise. This is because, with lesser sleep, the hormone Cortisol is produced more. This will cause more fat to get stored in the body along with increased stress level. Apart from that there are certain hunger-stimulating hormones like 'leptin' and 'grehlin', which are also said to increase with, lack of sleep. So, if you are deficient in this department, you will find it tougher to decrease your body weight.

Eating Snacks Late at Night

Binging on snacks late at night is not a good practice at all. This implies that you are not providing the required food to your body throughout the day. This leaves your body starved and you will feel like eating even at wee hours of the night. At night, your metabolism is at its slowest and the calories that you eat do not get burned, thereby adding to your mass. So avoid late night eating if you want to lose weight.

Adopting a Fad Diet

If you have adopted a fad diet, you will only see its effect immediately. This type of diet is developed only to provide instant results. If you are looking for long term weight loss, you must adopt a balanced diet which will include the necessary nutrients and which is specifically targeted for you. You have to stick to this diet dedicatedly to achieve your fitness goal. You have to understand that shedding those extra kilos is not something, which you can achieve in a short span of time. You have to give time and maintain the diet religiously till your objective is reached.

Boring Exercise Regime

If you have been exercising for some time now and following the same regime every day, you are bound to get bored. This will show its effect on your body weight. It will not decrease as much as you want it to. The more challenge your body will face, more is the chance of getting effective results. You will feel motivated to work out with new exercises and every muscle of your body will be worked upon.

Bad Snacking Habits

Snacking doesn't have to bad always. If you plan out your snacks and choose healthy food items, you are going to get good result. But if you have bad snacking habits, you will definitely put on weight.

These are some of the causes why you are unable to lose weight. So, try and avoid these habits and you will surely get effective results.

Michael Hayden is a fitness trainer and loves to provide tips on different fitness issues. She gives an idea on how people can lose weight, how they can exercise and many more.

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